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Where is Shear Edge Based?

Shear Edge is a proudly New Zealand based company with its head office based in Christchurch and manufacturing plant in Hamilton.

What is Shear Edge?

Shear Edge is a state of the art materials engineering company and ingredient brand. We produce pellets, powder, and filament, for the manufacture of goods across a multitude of markets.

How are Shear Edge pellets produced?

We designed our proprietry Keravos Technology® for compounding wool and any polymer that ensures even dispersal and ratio of wool in each pellet. This gives us the unprecidented ability to bring the benefits and attributes of wool into a wide variety of products.

Can any manufacturer partner with Shear Edge?

Shear Edge pellets have been designed to be easily integrated into existing manufacturing methods. We have successfully trialed our materials in; laminates, extrusion, injection moulding, rotational moulding, and 3D printing. Being a materials engineering company, we are able to work with any business with existing manufacturing ability. Please see our technology tab for more information.

How do I order a sample of material from Shear Edge?

We have two options for samples. 1. 100kg MOQ of any of our materials. 2. A sample box containing; prototypes, materials information, and pricing information. Please contact us if you would like to order a sample of our material, or understand more about the process.

How can I become a wool supplier?

We have a contractual supply with The New Zealand Merino Company for our Strong Wool, all of which is ZQ certified. Please contact the New Zealand Merino Company for further details.

What sort of wool does Shear Edge use in their manufacturing?

We use New Zealand strongwool, including bellies, sides, and oddments. All wool is sourced through the New Zealand merino company and is ZQ certified.

What is Shear Edge's production capacity?

We have the ability to manufacture up to 4 ton of material per day.